Improve Company Culture

Performica helps you avoid the pitfalls of traditional hierarchical organizations

Leaders often know logically that their employees are their #1 asset, but they don’t always do the right things to protect that value.

Performica ensures every employee feels seen, heard, and valued.

True transparency through targeted morale and engagement surveys

Ongoing engagement pulse surveys monitor the heartbeat of your organization.

Performica enables you to laser focus on the influencing culture carriers that play an outsized role in overall employee morale.

Feedback 360°

Performica’s 360° feedback provides regular, candid feedback at every level of your organization, allowing you to deliver on the promise of transparency that helps employees thrive.

PeerRank Score

Peer Rank Scores are relative scores reflecting how an employee’s skills and teamwork are perceived by their close colleagues.

This offers valuable insights into an employee’s perceived performance, which often mirrors their actual contributions.