A reduction in force leaves employees demoralized and vulnerable, which becomes very costly without intervention.

Prevent the loss of key employees
after a layoff or reduction in force.

  • Following a layoff, 74% of employees report reduced productivity. Survivor guilt is real — remaining employees after a RIF lose friends, feel destabilized, and face increased workloads with fewer resources.
  • Companies lose, on average, another 50% as many employees through voluntary attrition following layoffs – so a 10% reduction in force translates to 15% total employee loss.
  • Top-performing employees often are the first to leave after layoffs, as their skills and confidence enable them to secure new roles quickly when dissatisfied.

Three groups severely impacted during a reduction in force: Influencers, Bridges, and Soloists.

Performica identifies these individuals and provides actionable recommendations to stabilize and strengthen your culture following a layoff.

Influencers are the opinion leaders in organizational communities.
Influencers are the agents of change and the emotional backbone
of an organization.

The Bridges are close with the influencers.
After an influencer leaves, Bridges help reestablish communication and support business processes.

Soloists are those who
lost a large part of network due to M&A reorganization.
Soloists represent high risk of voluntary attrition
and quiet quitting.

Maintain your competitive edge.

Performica’s OrgGraph™ provides invaluable insights to help you make informed decisions.

Utilizing the real-time ONA data, you can minimizethe negative impact of layoffs, preserve essential relationships, and maintain employee engagement and morale.

Performica’s analytics aid in identifying employees who may be at risk of attrition due to the layoffs, enabling proactive measures to retain crucial talent.