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Next-gen performance management ensures everyone is seen, heard, & valued.

Forget everything you know about performance reviews. No more uncomfortable questions, manipulative tactics, or blatant biases. At Performica, we’re kicking outdated performance evaluation and replacing it with something you’ll actually look forward to.

Data-backed performance management everyone loves!

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Our current users say

Sean George

CEO Invitae Corporation

Extra information that can help understand and guide development and improvement for your teammates is an investment that yields immediate results, and more importantly compounds over time.

Performica has been mission critical for us to enable this in a data-informed, objective, fair, scalable, and at the same time a very human way.

Yulia Desiatnikov

CEO London Gates Group

It’s hard to calculate a precise ROI for an HR tool. But I can tell you, that we could not run our HR department without Performica.

Katherine Stueland


We firmly believe that unreliable data leads to bad decisions.

Performica provides the real data about employee relationships, engagement, and performance, which in turn allows us to build and maintain the culture we want.

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Chief People Officer / CHRO

Performica offers you an invaluable tool that revolutionizes how performance is assessed and developed across all levels. 

Our data-driven approach minimizes subjective bias and the pitfalls of office politics, ensuring that the talent you’re investing in is evaluated accurately and fairly.

Moreover, our platform naturally incorporates DEIB into the very fabric of performance reviews, making diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging seamless parts of your company culture, without the need for isolated programs.


As a CEO, your vision for the company is only as good as the team that helps you execute it. 

Performica ensures you’re building a high-performance culture where feedback is constructive, unbiased, and based on data.

Our transformative approach to performance management gives you the deep insights you need to identify all of your stealth top performers. 

This allows you to make well-informed decisions about promotions, succession planning, restructures, or even cultural shifts, so you can lead your company with confidence.


Performica provides you with a comprehensive view of the collaborative dynamics within your organization, helping you identify key influencers and strong performers who can drive operational excellence.

By asking the right questions to the right people, we reduce time spent on ineffective feedback loops, deter folks from office politicking, and allow you to focus on actionable insights for team alignment and process improvement.


Performica delivers a robust ROI by improving the quality of performance data, which in turn leads to more informed personnel decisions and fewer turnover costs. 

Our platform’s efficiency eliminates the need for redundant programs or tools, offering you a lean, yet comprehensive, solution for managing your company’s most important asset—its people.

Other HR Leader

As an HR Leader, you’re swamped with initiatives from talent acquisition to employee retention.

Performica simplifies one crucial aspect: performance management.

By giving you a granular, yet holistic view of employees’ strengths and weaknesses, our platform allows you to design development programs that are truly effective, streamlining your HR operations and making your role more impactful.

Department Head

Leading a department means juggling diverse skill sets, personalities, and often, hidden talents.

Performica’s performance management system reveals the untapped potential within your team by asking questions that get to the heart of each individual’s strengths. 

With data-backed insights, you can build stronger project groups, delegate effectively, and have more meaningful one-on-ones with your team members.

Frontline Manager

As a Frontline Manager, you’re in the trenches every day with your team. 

Performica equips you with the tools to understand who your key players are, based on unbiased, reliable data.

This isn’t just about top-down feedback; it’s about building a culture of transparency and continuous improvement, making your life easier and your team more cohesive.


For all employees, Performica is a breath of fresh air in performance management. Forget the dread of annual reviews or the stress of biased evaluations.

With Performica, you’re assessed on your true abilities and contributions, allowing you to showcase your strengths, identify areas for growth, and have honest, constructive conversations with your managers.

You’re not just another cog in the machine; you’re a valued team member with unique skills, and we help you prove it.

Performance Management

Performica enhances performance management by identifying top talent impartially, improving succession planning and fair compensation.

Our platform promotes enjoyable performance reviews, fostering workforce engagement and driving organizational success.

Performica’s performance management solutions help HR leaders foster continuous improvement and engagement in their organization.

By implementing our data-driven strategies, HR teams proactively enhance performance and productivity.

Performica’s data-driven performance management capabilities provide CFOs with the tools for optimal workforce planning and budget allocation.

By identifying top talent and aligning compensation with performance, our platform helps save resources and reduce turnover.

As a department head, Performica offers you a comprehensive understanding of your team’s performance and dynamics.

With our 360 review tool, you can identify high-performing team members and areas that require improvement.

This data-driven approach promotes informed decisions on promotions, compensation, and professional development, leading to improved team efficiency, cohesion, and productivity.

Performica enables CEOs to create an agile, high-performing workforce.

Our unbiased metrics establish a merit-based culture that promotes excellence and business success while enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

Performica empowers frontline managers with real-time employee performance insights, driving optimal team results and overall organizational success.

Performica’s solutions create thriving work environments by providing tailored, data-driven performance management strategies to enhance employee engagement and productivity.

As a COO, Performica’s performance management capabilities provide a competitive edge, delivering key insights into the operational performance of your teams.

Using Performica’s data-driven recommendations, you can align your operational objectives with employee capabilities, driving productivity and ensuring smooth and efficient business operations.

Employee Feedback

Performica revolutionizes feedback, enabling accurate and actionable 360-degree insights among colleagues, helping you address engagement issues.

By focusing on feedback from top influencers, you can boost organizational morale and engagement.

Performica’s employee feedback system helps HR leaders boost morale and engagement.

Our platform pinpoints areas needing attention, allowing the implementation of strategies to nurture a positive work culture.

Performica’s employee feedback system allows CFOs to spot potential morale and engagement issues early on, mitigating costly turnover and productivity losses.

By concentrating on top influencers’ feedback, you can effectively enhance employee well-being, boosting your return on investment.

Performica’s employee feedback tools allow department heads to gain valuable insights into team dynamics, morale, and engagement.

Our 360 feedback tool encourages open communication, helping identify areas for improvement and promoting professional growth.

This openness ultimately leads to increased productivity and team cohesion.

Performica’s feedback capabilities ensure a thriving, collaborative environment for CEOs.

By leveraging peer feedback, our platform fosters open communication and continuous improvement, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

Performica provides actionable feedback insights, enabling managers to foster a supportive, high-performing work environment.

Performica’s feedback tools provide valuable team insights, fostering open communication, professional growth, and increased productivity within teams.

Performica’s employee feedback system is a vital tool for a COO.

It offers real-time insights into team morale and engagement, helping identify and address potential bottlenecks in your operational workflow.

This early intervention ensures high productivity levels, mitigating any potential negative impact on your organization’s operations.


Performica’s HERO module enables accurate identification and retention of high-risk employees.

By using our Helpful Employee Retention Optimization program, you address retention concerns proactively, improving employee satisfaction and organizational success.

Performica’s HERO active retention module allows HR leaders to drive specific retention initiatives.

Our platform identifies at-risk employees, equipping managers to increase retention, engagement, and productivity, fostering positivity and reducing turnover costs.

Performica’s HERO active retention module offers CFOs substantial financial benefits by accurately spotting employees at high risk of departure and providing effective retention strategies.

Our reporting, which includes employee retention figures and same-year ROI, allows for cost-effective workforce planning and optimized budget allocation.

Performica’s HERO active retention module aids department heads in identifying key team members at risk of leaving.

By providing research-backed retention strategies, we help maintain team efficiency and cohesion, supporting employees’ professional growth, and ensuring the success and stability of your department.

Performica’s HERO active retention module allows CEOs to retain key talent and maintain competitiveness.

It identifies at-risk employees and provides managers with best practices to establish a stable and engaged workforce, driving business success and growth.

Performica’s HERO module equips managers with strategies to retain high-risk employees, boosting team performance and saving valuable time typically spent on hiring.

Performica’s recognition capabilities encourage a culture of gratitude and collaboration, promoting employee satisfaction, retention, and overall business growth.

For COOs, Performica’s HERO active retention module is a game-changer.

By identifying high-risk employees and implementing retention strategies, you can ensure consistency and reliability in operations, preventing disruptions that can result from unexpected personnel changes.


Performica provides comprehensive people analytics, detailing reporting metrics, employee relationships and key influencers.

Our platform helps prioritize individuals requiring immediate attention, strategically driving positive organizational impact.

Performica’s people analytics aid HR leaders in driving targeted initiatives.

Our insights into performance, morale, and engagement enable HR teams to create strategies that cultivate a positive work culture and minimize turnover costs.

Performica’s people analytics offer CFOs invaluable insights into workforce trends and productivity, fostering cost-effective decision-making and optimal resource allocation.

Identifying improvement areas and top contributors, our platform supports strategic investments in employee development, ultimately boosting your organization’s financial performance.

Performica’s people analytics provide department heads with insights into team dynamics, strengths, and weaknesses.

By recognizing top performers, struggling teammates, and key enablers, we facilitate informed decision-making for promotions, professional development, and team management, securing your department’s success and stability.

Performica’s advanced people analytics offers CEOs a comprehensive understanding of their workforce dynamics.

Identifying top performers, struggling teammates, and bottlenecks, our platform fosters informed decision-making for business success and a high-performing culture.

Performica’s analytics offer managers actionable team insights, allowing targeted interventions to enhance team performance and organizational success.

Performica’s analytics tools provide crucial employee insights, enabling data-driven strategies to cultivate a positive work culture and reduce turnover costs.

As a COO, Performica’s people analytics gives you an eagle-eye view of your workforce trends and productivity.

It enables data-driven decisions in resource allocation, helping you optimally utilize your workforce for maximum operational efficiency.

Succession Planning

Performica makes succession planning efficient, enabling identification of high-potential candidates and those suitable for leadership.

Our features ensure a solid employee progression and retention plan, strengthening the pipeline of future talent.

Performica enables HR leaders to apply a proactive, data-driven approach to succession planning.

Our platform identifies potential future leaders, ensuring smooth leadership transition and organizational success.

Performica’s insights provide CFOs significant financial benefits by ensuring a stable leadership pipeline and minimizing disruptions during transitions.

Our analytics and performance insights foster cost-effective decision-making, resource allocation, and strategic investments in employee development, ultimately boosting your organization’s financial performance.

Performica’s analytics tools support department heads in building a strong leadership pipeline within their teams.

By identifying top performers and understanding team dynamics, our platform promotes professional growth and data-driven decision-making for leadership transitions, ensuring the ongoing success and stability of your department.

Performica helps CEOs build a strong leadership pipeline.

Our insights into top performers and key influencers enable strategic decisions to prepare future leaders, ensuring long-term organizational success and resilience.

Performica aids in identifying and developing future leaders, ensuring smooth leadership transitions and overall organizational success.

Performica’s analytics support the creation of strong leadership pipelines by identifying top performers and fostering professional growth for sustained success.

Performica’s succession planning capabilities are essential for a COO.

By identifying potential leaders and ensuring a steady pipeline, you can minimize disruptions during leadership transitions, ensuring the continuity of operations and maintaining the operational efficiency of your organization.


Performica encourages employee recognition, promoting engagement and retention.

Our tools help identify and recognize key performers, fostering a culture of recognition and engagement that drives success.

Performica’s recognition tools help HR leaders foster continuous improvement and employee appreciation.

Our real-time feed of “Praises” and “Thanks” promotes a culture of gratitude and acknowledgement, contributing to a positive work culture.

Performica’s recognition features provide CFOs with a cost-effective approach to enhance company culture, morale, and engagement.

By allowing employees to publicly celebrate each other’s achievements, our platform fosters a supportive work environment that increases productivity and employee satisfaction, contributing to your organization’s financial performance.

Performica’s recognition capabilities empower department heads to foster strong, cohesive teams.

By promoting a culture of gratitude and acknowledgment, managers can celebrate their teams’ achievements, cultivating collaboration, motivation, and a sense of belonging.

This approach results in improved team efficiency and productivity.

Performica’s recognition capabilities allow CEOs to foster a culture of gratitude and collaboration.

Encouraging employees to acknowledge colleagues’ contributions reinforces a positive work environment, leading to increased satisfaction, retention, and business growth.

Performica’s recognition capabilities allow managers to foster a culture of appreciation, boosting morale, engagement, and productivity for peak team performance.

Performica’s recognition features promote a culture of appreciation and acknowledgement, fostering team cohesion, motivation, and improved productivity.

Performica’s recognition features allow you as a COO to foster a supportive and collaborative work culture.

By celebrating team successes, you can boost employee morale and engagement, contributing to improved operational performance and productivity.


Performica streamlines restructuring, maintaining engagement and productivity during change.

By identifying internal influencers and analyzing morale and engagement data, Performica optimizes communication, ensuring employee engagement and productivity during organizational shifts.

Performica supports HR leaders in restructuring, maintaining engagement and productivity during change.

Our tools identify key performers and influencers, align restructuring objectives, optimize communication, and ensure employee commitment during organizational change.

Performica aids CFOs in planning effective restructuring while maintaining engagement and productivity, preserving your organization’s value.

Our OrgGraph™ helps align restructuring objectives with team expectations and minimizes missteps in personnel repositioning.

Performica optimizes internal communication, ensuring employee engagement and productivity during periods of uncertainty and organizational change.

Performica can support you as a Department Head during restructuring, one of the most impactful and challenging activities.

Our OrgGraph™ tool aids in planning restructuring by identifying internal influencers and culture carriers, aligning your objectives with your organization’s needs.

We also optimize internal communication by analyzing morale and engagement data, ensuring your employees stay informed and engaged during periods of change.

Performica assists CEOs in planning effective restructuring while maintaining engagement and productivity.

Our tools help align restructuring objectives with team expectations, identify key performers, and ensure talent commitment during organizational change.

Performica supports effective restructuring, ensuring engagement and productivity are maintained even amidst organizational change.

Performica facilitates effective restructuring, maintaining engagement and productivity even amidst organizational change.

As a COO, Performica’s restructuring support is invaluable.

By helping plan effective restructuring and maintain engagement throughout the process, you can ensure the continuity of operations, safeguarding your organization’s operational efficiency even in times of change.

Change Management

Performica aids change management by identifying internal influencers and optimizing morale and engagement data, ensuring employee engagement, communication, and productivity during transformative change.

Performica supports HR leaders in managing change, keeping employees engaged, informed, and productive.

Our platform’s OrgGraph™ identifies key influencers, creating a positive work culture and reducing turnover costs during transformations.

Performica’s change management tools offer CFOs substantial financial benefits by ensuring the successful execution of organizational changes.

By leveraging insights into internal influencers and culture carriers, you can minimize disruptions and maintain productivity during transformations, contributing to your organization’s financial performance.

Performica’s change management tools help department heads navigate organizational changes effectively.

By identifying key influencers within teams, our platform facilitates data-driven decision-making and targeted engagement, ensuring the stability of your department during times of transformation.

Performica facilitates smooth and effective organizational transformations for CEOs.

Our OrgGraph™ identifies the right individuals to work with, ensuring change initiatives are embraced, contributing to long-term organizational success and resilience.

Performica enables managers to foster adaptability, effectively implementing change initiatives for optimal team performance and overall organizational success.

Performica’s change management tools enable adaptability, ensuring sustained success and stability during times of transformation.

Performica’s change management tools provide crucial support to a COO.

By ensuring successful implementation of organizational changes, you can maintain operational efficiency and productivity, ultimately contributing to your organization’s bottom line.

Identifying Top Employees

Performica uses our OrgGraph™, Peer Rank Score and 360-degree review tools to identify key performers and emerging talent, promoting recognition, development opportunities, and overall team productivity.

Performica’s insights help HR leaders recognize and develop top employees.

By focusing on high performers, HR teams foster a culture of improvement, reduce turnover costs, and achieve long-term organizational goals.

Performica’s ability to pinpoint top employees benefits CFOs by optimizing resource allocation and strategic investments in employee development.

Focusing on nurturing high performers enhances productivity, employee satisfaction, and ultimately, your organization’s financial performance.

Performica’s ability to identify top performers allows you as a department head to build robust and efficient teams.

By understanding the strengths of high performers and fostering their professional growth, you can make informed decisions on promotions, development, and team management, ensuring the stability and success of your department.

Performica’s insights help CEOs nurture and reward top performers, creating a high-performing culture that attracts and retains talent, ensuring organizational competitiveness in the market.

Performica’s identification of top performers supports frontline managers in cultivating a motivating, high-performing team environment.

Performica’s ability to identify top performers ensures everyone is recognized and valued, fostering a motivating, engaging work environment for optimal performance.

Performica’s ability to identify top performers provides significant operational benefits.

By recognizing and nurturing high performers, you can ensure high productivity and operational excellence, ultimately driving your organization’s success.


Performica’s OrgGraph™ provides people analytics and insights into employee relationships and key influencers, facilitating effective change management at-scale.

The OrgGraph™ provides you with an intuitive, data-driven view of your organization’s dynamics, revealing invisible cross-functional relationships, influencers, and top performers to inform your strategic decision-making.

The OrgGraph™ equips you with a clear understanding of your HR investment, showcasing cost savings through effective retention strategies and supporting informed financial decisions.

The OrgGraph™ enables you to understand your organization’s dynamics deeply, providing insights that guide HR best practices, ensure equitable treatments, and maintain high employee morale.

The OrgGraph™ provides you with a visual map of your department’s dynamics, allowing you to identify key influencers and top performers, and take informed steps to retain them.

The OrgGraph™ serves as your guide, showing who your team is connected to and how your team fits into the overall organization.

The OrgGraph™ ensures you are seen, heard, and valued, creating an equitable work environment that appreciates your contributions, enhancing your overall job satisfaction.

The OrgGraph™ illuminates operational flows within your organization, highlighting potential bottlenecks and enablers to help streamline your operations and maintain efficiency.

OrgGraph™ is your ally in the transformation from firefighter to superhero. It employs digital trace data along with HRIS data to make invisible work relationships visible, ensuring that every employee is seen, heard, and valued.

The OrgGraph™ also reveals influencers responsible for morale within the organization, aiding you in understanding and managing change more effectively.

It guides you to implement the right HR strategies at the right time, helping you create a healthier, more productive work environment.

The OrgGraph™ is a comprehensive visualization tool that provides insights into the intricate dynamics of your organization.

It is generated from communication, collaboration, and HR data, illuminating how employees interact and work together beyond traditional org charts.

It makes cross-functional teams and personal relationships visible, aiding your understanding of the real dynamics within your organization.

This crucial information allows you to identify hidden influencers and top performers, who are instrumental in driving business success, and to implement effective strategies to foster their growth and retention.

The OrgGraph™ offers an intricate understanding of the financial benefits of Performica’s tools.

Through data visualization, it demonstrates the cost savings made through effective retention strategies, translating HR strategies into clear financial impacts.

Additionally, the OrgGraph™ can highlight the variance in attrition between managers who complete their retention cases and those who don’t, providing you with the data needed to evaluate HR performance and make strategic financial decisions.

OrgGraph™ serves as your guiding compass, offering a deep understanding of your organization’s dynamics.

By making invisible work relationships visible, it assists in the implementation of proven HR best practices.

The OrgGraph™ can also help gather unbiased peer feedback, and coupled with pulse surveys, it enables you to understand and manage morale and influence within the organization.

These insights empower you to ensure equity and enhance employee satisfaction.

OrgGraph™ serves as your personal assistant, providing insights into the interpersonal relationships within your team. When an employee leaves, the OrgGraph™ helps identify who might be next, offering you actionable insights to retain at-risk employees.

It also provides step-by-step instructions and talking points for conversations, guiding you to consistently apply HR best practices and maintain a cohesive, better-performing team.

OrgGraph™ serves as your personal assistant, providing insights into the interpersonal relationships within your team.

When an employee leaves, the OrgGraph™ helps identify who might be next, offering you actionable insights to retain at-risk employees.

It also provides step-by-step instructions and talking points for conversations, guiding you to consistently apply HR best practices and maintain a cohesive, better-performing team.

OrgGraph™ captures the human side of data, making work relationships visible, and helps ensure fairness in pay and promotions.

The OrgGraph™ represents a commitment to an equitable and satisfying work environment, providing everyone with the opportunity to thrive and be recognized for their contributions.

OrgGraph™ presents an operational overview that extends beyond formal reporting relationships.

It highlights invisible work relationships and indicates where the flows of information truly are, allowing you to understand how work gets done on a daily basis.

The OrgGraph™ can also identify potential bottlenecks and top enablers in your operations, providing you with the necessary insights to optimize processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and ensure smooth operations.

Smart Performance Management

Performica mitigates bias in performance reviews, knowing who collaborates in your organization, ensuring peace of mind during performance review cycles.

Employee feedback in Performica equips you with strategic insights, enhancing decision-making and company growth.

Performica’s employee feedback provides retention data to guide financial strategies, reducing recruitment costs.

Performica’s employee feedback offers real-time morale insights, allowing proactive responses to enhance workforce happiness.

Performica’s employee feedback empowers you to retain key performers through personalized, actionable feedback.

With Performica’s employee feedback, you can boost team cohesion and ensure effective communication.

Employee feedback in Performica aids in personal growth, recognition, and transparency, improving your work experience.

Performica’s employee feedback illuminates your operational network, helping streamline efficiency and productivity.

As a CHRO, Performica’s employee feedback system empowers you to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace.

Peer feedback, provided by individuals who truly work closely together, not only reduces implicit bias but also helps in identifying unrecognized top performers.

The transparency and openness of this system can contribute significantly to fostering a culture of mutual respect and recognition.

Performica’s employee feedback system goes beyond traditional hierarchical structures, offering unique, valuable insights directly from employees who interact closely with each other.

As a CEO, you’ll appreciate how this feedback, combined with robust analytics, aids strategic decision-making, particularly in areas related to employee morale and engagement.

The visibility of this feedback allows for timely and effective interventions, boosting overall organizational performance and fostering a culture of transparency and trust.

Performica’s employee feedback provides invaluable insights for financial strategies. As a CFO, you can utilize feedback-driven data to analyze the financial impact of employee morale and engagement.

Identifying trends in these areas could lead to substantial cost savings, particularly through effective retention strategies and reduced recruitment expenses.

For HR leaders, Performica’s employee feedback system provides real-time insights into employee morale, engagement, and team cohesion.

These insights allow you to be proactive and respond effectively to issues, supporting a healthier, more positive work environment.

The transparency of the system also reinforces a culture of trust and accountability.

Performica’s employee feedback provides a deep understanding of your department’s dynamics and performance.

Seeing feedback from employees who genuinely work together helps in addressing specific issues and allows you to guide your department more effectively.

The analytics can be a crucial tool in retaining key performers and fostering a supportive, cohesive team.

Performica’s employee feedback system is a valuable tool for Front-line Managers.

The insights provided by individuals working closely together help in recognizing team strengths and addressing potential issues.

The analytics and transparency of the system can guide you to take timely action, boosting team morale and performance.

Performica’s employee feedback benefits everyone in the organization. As an employee, you receive feedback from peers you genuinely work with, improving your understanding and enhancing your professional development.

Plus, your feedback to the company is valued and can make a real difference, contributing to a more transparent, engaging, and supportive workplace.

Performica’s employee feedback shines a light on the actual, working relationships within your organization, leading to improved operational efficiency.

As a COO, you’ll find that understanding the intricate dynamics between individuals and teams helps you pinpoint areas of improvement and facilitates smoother, more efficient operations.

Action Recommendations

Performica anticipates attrition and guides managers and HR teams in retaining top talent, ensuring the right course in handling complex HR tasks.

Action recommendations give you strategic insights for successful change management and overall organization health.

Action recommendations provide you with strategic workforce insights for efficient financial planning and cost mitigation.

Action recommendations equip you with tools to create personalized engagement strategies and a vibrant work environment.

Action recommendations offer insights into internal dynamics, allowing you to drive changes and improve team morale effectively.

Action recommendations guide you in creating high-performing, satisfied teams and managing team dynamics better.

Action recommendations help you understand your unique role, improving your workplace connections and contributions.

Action recommendations empower you to drive operational efficiencies through strategic engagement with key employees.

Performica’s action recommendations enable CHROs to foster a more balanced, inclusive, and connected organization.

Identifying and nurturing Influencers can help propagate positive cultural shifts.

Acknowledging and supporting Bridges and Soloists ensures cohesion and inclusivity, promoting a healthier workplace and reducing turnover.

Performica’s action recommendations offer CEOs insights into how their key Influencers, Bridges, and Soloists are shaping the organization. Understanding who your Influencers are helps in successful change management and strategic decisions.

Identifying Bridges allows for preserving crucial connections between departments, while attention to Soloists promotes inclusivity and overall morale.

Performica’s action recommendations can provide CFOs with strategic insights for financial planning.

By identifying and retaining Influencers and Bridges, the company can mitigate costs associated with high turnover.

Engaging Soloists can lead to increased overall employee satisfaction, reducing costs associated with low morale and productivity.

Performica’s action recommendations provide HR leaders with essential tools for promoting a vibrant, interconnected work environment.

Identifying Influencers, Bridges, and Soloists allows them to design personalized engagement strategies, improve team dynamics, and foster a more connected, inclusive organization.

Performica’s action recommendations empower Department Heads with insights into their department’s internal dynamics.

Engaging with Influencers can expedite departmental changes, identifying Bridges can help maintain connectivity, and reaching out to Soloists can improve inclusivity and morale within the department.

Performica’s action recommendations guide Front-line Managers in creating high-performing, satisfied teams.

By identifying Influencers, they can drive team performance and change more effectively.

Recognizing Bridges and Soloists allows them to manage team dynamics better and foster a supportive environment for everyone.

Performica’s action recommendations are beneficial to all employees, helping everyone understand their unique role in the organization.

Whether you’re an Influencer, a Bridge, or a Soloist, Performica guides you to leverage your strengths, improve your connections, and contribute positively to your workplace.

Performica’s action recommendations can improve the effectiveness of operations by understanding and engaging with Influencers, Bridges, and Soloists. Influencers can expedite changes and drive efficiency, Bridges can ensure seamless cross-department collaborations, and Soloists, when engaged, can further enrich the diversity of operational strategies.

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Transparency is fundamental

We never tap into the contents of employee’s communications.
With Performica, employees know exactly what data is collected, how it is used, and who has access to it — providing valuable insights available in real time.

Real questions for real insights

We scrapped the awkward yet unhelpful questions. Instead, we ask questions that get to the heart of your talents and contributions. The result? Real conversations about growth, strengths, and, yeah, areas for improvement—but all with the aim of pushing you and your team forward.

Data meets the human element

We’re all about the data, but not at the expense of the human element. Our system uses smart tech to build a comprehensive picture of your team’s dynamics, making it easier to understand who’s actually making magic happen.
And because we’re cutting down on office politics, the real stars of your team finally get the recognition they deserve.

Inclusivity isn’t an add-on, it’s built-in

We believe Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) shouldn’t just be checkboxes. Our system is designed to surface talent that’s often overlooked in traditional reviews.
With Performica, DEIB becomes an intrinsic part of your company’s operations, not a separate initiative.

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