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Data-driven guidance to proactively retain employees and help you be an HR superhero.

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Break the cycle
of daily firefighting

Spending our days on immediate, in-your-face tasks (aka firefighting) leaves no time for long-term “fire prevention” strategies aligned with business priorities.

Performica makes it easy to do exactly the right things at the right time with the right people. Like a superhero.

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Your best people
are always in demand and very
expensive to replace

Employees are up to 6X more likely to quit when their close colleague or direct manager leaves the company, and managers often don’t recognize the impact until it’s too late.

High performer resigns

Close colleagues are up to 6X more likely to follow

Remaining team members are now unsettled and vulnerable to recruiters

Productivity is impacted, morale decreases, people start leaving

Attrition Death Cycle enters its next stage

Performica leverages real-time
connection data
while preserving
employee privacy

Real-time prompts from your company data guides managers through proven retention strategies to keep your team intact, engaged, and productive.

How it works

  • Performica connects to key IT systems, providing highly accurate data about work relationships.

  • Our retention program offers clear, simple guidance to busy managers based on proven HR strategies.

  • Your team is more engaged, productive, and intact without adding more stress.

Information Network Information Network
Retention monitor Retention monitor
Active retention case Active retention case

Performica customers report an average


decrease in attrition, which translates to a

525% ROI

Our team works with yours to ensure the systems are working correctly, and your team understands the critical importance of Performica’s proven tools.

What is attrition
costing you?

Number of employees
Average salary
Attrition percentage
Onboarding cost per employee
Recruiting cost per employee
Salary increase per new employee
Expected attrition reduction:
Total yearly cost of attrition without Performica:

Turnover also causes decreased morale and delayed or failed projects, above and beyond these hard costs.

Performica pays for itself by saving you just:
per year

These numbers may seem crazy. We get it. Let us show you how we're calculating things:

Prove it to me

Our current users say

"Extra information that can help understand and guide development and improvement for your teammates is an investment that yields immediate results, and more importantly compounds over time.

Performica has been mission critical for us to enable this in a data-informed, objective, fair, scalable, and at the same time a very human way."

Sean George CEO Invitae Corporation
Sean George
CEO Invitae Corporation

“It’s hard to calculate a precise ROI for an HR tool. But I can tell you, that we could not run our HR department without Performica.”

Yulia Desyatnikov CEO London Gates Group
Yulia Desyatnikov
CEO London Gates Group

"We firmly believe that unreliable data leads to bad decisions. Performica provides the real data about employee relationships, engagement, and performance, which in turn allows us to build and maintain the culture we want."

Katherine Stueland CEO Sema4
Katherine Stueland
CEO Sema4

Learn why customers call Performica mission critical to their business

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Be partners

Our team works with yours to ensure the systems are working correctly, and your team understands the critical importance of Performica’s proven tools.

Employees should:

Be comfortable with and consulted on the privacy implications of the technology their employer is adopting.

Understand how the data will be collected, what it will be used for and how it relates to their work.

Be aware of what behavioral changes will affect the evaluation’s results.

Our team

Alex Furman Co-founder and CEO
Alex Furman
Co-founder and CEO

Alex Furman co-founded Invitae in 2010 and helped it grow through their IPO, to 4,000+ employees.

As CHRO, he leveraged Al tools to progress from fighting everyday HR fires to focusing on company strategy, helping the right employees at exactly the right moment.

Using Performica, Alex and his team were able to identify quietly exceptional (often diverse) employees to promote, as well as significantly reduce company attrition.

He passionately believes that data coupled with guided actions creates transformative outcomes.

Erin McCune Co-founder and Head of Sales & Marketing
Erin McCune
Co-founder and Head of Sales & Marketing

Erin has worked in technology sales, partnerships, and leadership for more than 15 years, including a decade in startups.

Erin founded Easeenet in 2018, and worked for seven years prior at OpenSesame, an e-learning startup focused on creating the world’s most admired and productive workforce.

Erin is passionate about creating elegant, effective solutions that leverage technology.

Hashi Shashar Co-founder and Head of Operations
Hashi Shashar
Co-founder and Head of Operations

Hashi co-founded Eat24 in 2012. It was acquired by Yelp in 2015.

Hashi excels at all things related to finance and operations, with a strong background as a serial entrepreneur.

He believes that crafting efficient solutions makes the best use of everyone’s time.

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