Performance management gets real

Know exactly who your top performers are — down to the individual.

OrgGraph™: groundbreaking foundation for performance management

Performica’s proprietary OrgGraph™ identifies the “Culture Carriers”— those 3-5% of employees who drive up to 35% of value-added collaboration.
This foundational data shapes insightful performance reviews that actually matter.

Performance reviews – redefined.

Gone are the days of awkward, biased, and ineffective reviews. Performica revolutionizes the performance management game by focusing on real metrics, candid feedback, and data-driven insights.
Our mission? To help you unlock the full potential of your workforce while creating an environment where everyone thrives.

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities

We go beyond mere evaluation. By using data-driven techniques to ask colleagues about assistance, support, technical knowledge, and mentorship, we paint a full picture of each employee’s strengths and weaknesses.
From there, it’s easy to spot areas for development and growth, making performance management a constructive and forward-looking process.

How Performica Works: Data-Driven and People-Centric

1. Build the OrgGraph™

Performica creates a detailed OrgGraph™ using digital trace data from communication and collaboration tools, and surveys, or both.

2. Collect Bias-Free Feedback:

Employees indicate their go-to colleagues for assistance and support through Performica’s simple, non-intrusive feedback method.

3. Comprehensive Picture:

Performica shows a clear view of each employee’s strengths and weaknesses aiding managers and teams in alignment.

Ready for the future?

Stay ahead and elevate your talent management.

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